One black box with at least 6 things in it, mostly original drawings
Delivered straight to your door by mail
$500, shipping included

Email to order one--you can pay by Paypal or send a check.

Why would you do this?
One strange outcome of finding a little success in the art world is that virtually nobody I know can afford to own my work. These days I don’t even know the names of the people who live with my paintings, which seems weird. I’m thankful, but it feels like it’s taking me away from what got me into making art in the first place: sharing things with like minded people.

To that end, I’m launching an experiment called BLACK BOX. I will send anyone an archival box full of drawings. The box is signed. The works, which all come from the I-loved-and-saved-them-for-some-reason pile, are unsigned. Some are on scrap paper that might change color over time. Some are printed photographs and prints. Maybe there will be a small object from time to time. Each grouping will be carefully selected by me.

Shipments will be processed once a month. No returns, arguments, etc.

See some sample box contents below.