Tucker Nichols
400 Posters, 2019
Sumi ink on printed posters, ed. of 400
In collaboration with MacFadden & Thorpe

mcevoy posters group3.jpg

I’ve never understood editions. They feel like the demoted cousins of “originals” somehow: less valuable, more watered down. Of course, the distinction is all in our minds–either the artwork gives off a charge or it doesn’tso I decided to see an edition as nothing more than a group. Making 400 sumi ink drawings on the exhibition posters doesn’t fit with my sense of what makes an edition, which made me want to make at least 400 more. So is this one work or 400? I don’t really care.
—Tucker Nichols

What Is An Edition, Anyway?
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco
May 24–Sep 7, 2019
For information on poster distribution, contact the museum at info@mcevoyarts.org or 415-580-7605